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Ally, 19.

메리고라운드 bag


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July 26, 2014

afternoon, evening, night

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Pedro Ivan Serralva

Jul 26

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My girl’s got a city to run, got a key to the kingdom where the money’s from.

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wiltedbones: thank you so much dear!! do you mind telling me how your freshman year was, or giving me advice if you have any? i'm just starting to get really nervous + you always have wonderful things to say! (no pressure though!!) hope you are well :----)


oh gosh! it was such a heavy mix and so much happened and so many different emotions! i was sooo so so nervous before i came to school, i thought FOR SURE that my roommate was going to actually hate me. i thought i would hate my classes, i thought i would fail. but here we are, i’m living with my roommate again, but off campus this year with bronwyn and another amazing girl, i loved my classes and ended with an A average and a second year scholarship!

things have a way of working themselves out. that is definitely not to say that there weren’t struggles - i had late late nights writing essays, many mondays crying to bronwyn about how hard things were, homesickness, loneliness. but i fell more in love. i found out new things about myself. i learned so much. i found friends who i think will be in my life forever. 

you are holy and good and warm - you will find friendship, you will succeed. remember to stay kind and soft and messy. stay vulnerable. these experiences are so so important, and there is so much to see and do. some of my best times are the thursday all nighters drinking and walking to get pizza at 3am for sure, but some are slow wednesday mornings in my room with my best friend, just listening to music and hanging out. stay present, don’t over think it, take each experience as it comes. enjoy the bad with the good. make some dumb decisions, make some responsible ones. do your best. you’re going to kill it. 

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Kinfolk May Gathering: L’esprit de la Mer » Camellia Fiber Company

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I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin.

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